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Visual Studio 2008

First download the zCamera 1.0 Source project here:
Add it to your own solution (or to a new one) by right clicking the Solution item in the File Explorer, and selecting "Add -> Existing project".
Browse to the downloaded zCamera source and double click on the project icon.
Now you need to reference it in your main project by right clicking References -> Add Reference, choosing the Projects tab and selecting zCamera. Do this for the content reference also.

In your code add the following references:
  • using zCamera;
  • using zCamera.Cameras;

First declare a global zCameraManager field and initialize it in the Game's constructor, add it to the Components list, and if needed register it as a service. (Check out the example project
Add some drawing code (draw a 3D model for example) and setup the default camera, and if you wish setup any additional cameras, and add them to the zCameraManager's Cameras list.
Add some input code if you wish to control the camera and that's it!

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